Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Brexit: The Tyranny of the Minority

The Tyranny of the Minority.

In the aftermath of the unexpected UK Referendum result, which as all will now know came out to Leave the EU, we have seen some incredible attempts to overturn this, which I believe is the largest single mandate received at a national poll in our history.  Slightly more people voted in the 1992 General Election, but the vote was split between three main and several smaller parties.  The winning party then, the Conservatives, received less than 40% of the total vote, while Leave took 52%, at over 17 million votes, and a million and a quarter lead over Remain.  No-one asked for any recounts, so the vote is uncontested, and stands.

Thus by any normal standards of electoral representation this is a firm and resounding vote in favour of the proposition to leave the EU.

And yet, despite it being stated clearly by the Prime Minister when this was arranged that there would be no second vote, and affirming on the morning after the Referendum that the will of the British people must be respected, that it is an instruction which must be delivered, and that the decision cannot be doubted, the Remainer camp, principally on the Left so far as I can determine have made an infinity of attempts already to get the result overturned, reversed, ignored, re-voted upon and the rest.

The Labour party has gone into meltdown as it does about once every generation, tearing itself apart in public; and regrettably Jeremy Corbyn has resorted to accusations of racism abounding in our country.  His message to me seems confused.  If he is seeking to maintain his position as leader of his party, then whether there is or is not racism abroad is fairly irrelevant, I would imagine since I’m sure they all consider themselves good ‘anti-racists’.  Although I dare say there is always some mileage to be had from a bit of gratuitous virtue signalling.  On the other hand there have been a rash of what sound to me like ‘false flag’ victims claiming to have been subject to racist attacks following the Brexit vote.  I think these must always be looked at cautiously since we have seen so many fake attacks or daubing of slogans on mosques claimed by muslims who have been subsequently demonstrated to have created these themselves.

I’m relieved that the EU elite seem to be taking our decision more seriously than some of our own people.  But what I would like to examine here is how it is that a minority of a minority can claim to have a right to overturn the largest mandate in our history?

If they were to actually succeed in preventing us leaving the EU then they would have in effect implemented a coup against the British people.  Now I want to look at the claims that since certain regions voted to Remain then they should be allowed to do so.

Frankly, this is in contravention to the way our laws and democracy work.  I have lost count of the number of times that lefties have said to me ‘Well, that’s representative democracy for you, you vote people in and they make decisions.  If you don’t like it, tough, it’s the will of the majority’ even when these ‘democratically elected’ politicians take decisions which they have never mentioned to the electorate previously.  (Like the Leeds Trolleybus scheme that was nearly foisted on the people of Leeds, but was rejected after an exhaustive Public Inquiry.)

And there can be no question that had the Remain camp won we would now be having to endure the most spiteful harangues against us in perpetuum, having ‘You Lost!’ rammed down our throats as they press their boot down on the back of our collective neck.

To claim that regions should have the right to secede from the United Kingdom on the basis of these results is the deny the nature of that Union and the representative democracy we have so often had used against us.  We voted as a the whole of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.  Not a bunch of separate and independent principalities.  The nation state, which is still the fundamental unit of political and international identity in the world.  As has already been emerging, apparently the EU grandees are not interested in Scotland as a member if it left the UK, or at least there would be a very long application stage.  So Ms Sturgeon might realise that one's family is more dependable than one's new best friend; despite our long chafing at each other, we can be relied upon.

And Sadgit Khan’s suggestion that London itself should secede is so utterly ridiculous that I shall leave it at that and say no more on the matter.

So these, predominantly lefty, Remainers who won’t accept the standards applied to them which they have exploited for decades, are also griping because they don’t have the opportunity to sneer and lord it over us.  I’m sure the Conservatives are having their own little er.. discussions behind the scenes, but at least they manage a bit more decorum than the whinging whines of the leftie Remain losers and do it mostly in private.

And so we come to it. 

There are those in the Remain camp, not all, but many, especially the young, who entertain the delusion that they can overturn this democratically determined mandate if they shout loudly enough.

This is in a way the culmination of the Cultural Marxist technique, and they are betting all on this one last throw of the dice.

Since the Second World War and the creation of the UN, then the EU, we have seen the endless promotion of ‘minorities’ to the degree now where they have more rights than the majorities in our countries.  If you don’t believe this, look at any number of videos online where white males are vilified simply for being white males.  In Europe immigrants are committing terrible crimes ~ Rotherham and the rest ~ and get privileged treatment because those who should be rooting it out are afraid of being called ‘racist’.  Muslims who married child brides abroad are allowed to bring them into the UK, and can even claim benefits for multiple wives, while an English man who even had more than one wife would be prosecuted for bigamy.

In England we have had to put up with denigration of our people and our culture by the left for generations, even though we are in a majority, as was demonstrated by the voting pattern at the Referendum.  The tweets and social media vilification of the Leave camp has been extreme with verbal abuse and even death threats to Nigel Farage which have not lead to suspension of accounts.

This has been the style of the endless series of ‘colour’ and street revolutions we have seen over the last few years whether in Arab nations or the Ukraine.  ‘Popular uprisings’ somehow manage to overthrow established and in most cases legitimate or at least stable governments because the media and the likes of George Soros get behind them.

We have seen the chaos visited on Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Syria when powerful external forces seek to replace their governments.  Would we fare any better if the will of the people were to be overturned in such a manner?

The ‘minorities’ have got so used to being protected and getting their own way all the time against the majority who have been perpetually backed against the wall in their own territories that they take it for granted that they can overturn even this mandate.  

The likes of Chukka Umunna and David Lammy say ‘Well 48% of the electorate didn’t vote for this, so we should respect that.’  Yes, I respect them.  I won’t berate them for having made a different choice to me.  I shan’t beat up on them because we disagree.  I will not sneer or lord it over them as they would have done to us.  

But they must accept that they have lost and we have won.  This is the way it is.  We have had too much of ‘everyone has to be a winner’ and ‘we can’t have anyone losing’.  So if that is the case, then you force losing on those who have actually won.  By giving consolation prizes to losers, and withholding the prize from the winners, you turn everything upside down, back to front and inside out as the Cultural Marxists always do.

The rabble mob of youth are claiming that they have had their future stolen from them by ‘oldies’ who have only a few years yet to live.  Well, I’m in my sixties, but hope to live for up to another thirty years, so I have a future too in this.  And my parents generation, some still voting, who fought in the war.  Whatever one might think about the rights and wrongs of that, they believed in what they fought for, and have a right to be respected.  The generation who defended and built the nation which the youth wish to give away for trinkets and baubles.

And my own generation, who grew up in the shadow of the war.  I know some who complain about the baby boomers who let all this happen.  There is some responsibility, but mostly we were misled and deceived; however, now we have stood up, before it is too late.  Yes, we remember what it was like before the EU plunged us into the depths, and we want it back.  Those who never knew it are ignorant, and have illusions to which they were indoctrinated.  They do not have the right to give away what our ancestors fought for, and built over long years of struggle.  It is the duty of the elders to preserve what was handed down to us.  Children don’t understand this.  I didn’t when I was young, and I don’t expect they do now.  But they will.

There was a time once, and it wasn’t so long ago, when the wisdom and experience of age was consulted before any major decision was made.  Those who had given their lives for a cause were respected, as Nigel Farage should be.

Those who seek to overturn the will of the people are a mob.  I hope it will burn itself out through being ignored, but it should be understood that this is a profoundly authoritarian movement, totalitarian in its desire.  We have seen it from the EU dictatorship who are already rolling out their plans for a super-state; which had been denied when the Daily Express broke the story.  And here it is.

We are hearing that the decision to stay or leave is too important to be left to the people.

Almost all revolutions begin with minority groups who pursue principally their own agendas.  The mob are co-opted, but then their impetus is diverted to those agendas, and then they themselves are put down if they get wise and try to stop it.

This is Chaos.  Anarchy.  Those who know the I Ching of the ancient Chinese will understand that the Yang must not be subordinate to the Yin.  The Great must be above the Small.  The Majority must rule the Minority, or there is Chaos.  Yes, the Majority should respect the Minority and not oppress them, but if they go beyond this, and give in to that Minority, then they have abdicated the right to rule.

If the Minority accepts that it has lost, it can be respected and accommodated to some degree.  If it tries to assert dominance over the Majority, it will bring downfall upon itself.  This is the way it has always been, and it is the way that it is.  The death knell of the EU has been sounded.  The 23rd July 2016 will go down in history as a momentous event, even more important than 9/11.  The ‘contagion’ of free thought and independence has broken through the autocratic mind control which assumed it would remain in power.

They have lost, and there is nothing they can do but scream and have tantrums.  They can slow it down, and they can cause us problems along the way.  They can manipulate and pervert.  But the EU is now doomed because the hope of freedom has arisen in the hearts of European nations across the continent.  They can accept it and let it happen smoothly, or they can fight and be eviscerated by their own chaos.

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  1. Great blog post, Claire. I too have noted that Jeremy Corbyn, and a few other members of the Labour Party, are trying to get some mileage over these few random racist incidents - which you and I know only too well would have been caused by agents provocateurs, to smear the Leave campaigners, as this is a typical G Soros tactic. I'm so disappointed in Corbyn for doing this that I really don't want him to be the leader of the Labour party anymore, even though I know that those who are trying to unseat him are Blairites. He is actually behaving quite divisively - and why at a time when he should be surely shoring up his own position with appeals to unity and calm. It's terribly irresponsible of him to do this, and I dread to think what sort of country we'd have with him at the helm. He has lost any support from me that he did have - admittedly not much! - over this.

    I don't however think that anyone is going to take a second referendum seriously. I don't think that's the mood music coming out of parliament today, and with David Cameron at PMQs who, although he kept referring major decisions to his successor, as he rightly has to do, seemed set on course to get us out of the EU, one way or another. There was no talk of a second referendum or even going back on the result of our vote. This leads me to believe that all this talk about one is just pure theatre from G Soros and Co, and his criminal associates, aimed at destablising the country - because Soros's business model profits from the destabilisation of nations.

    As you say, I'm also sensing this growing realisation in the Deep State, who operate the Cameron and Co puppets: "They have lost, and there is nothing they can do but scream and have tantrums. They can slow it down, and they can cause us problems along the way. They can manipulate and pervert. But the EU is now doomed because the hope of freedom has arisen in the hearts of European nations across the continent. They can accept it and let it happen smoothly, or they can fight and be eviscerated by their own chaos." I think - I hope - wiser heads might now be prevailing.

  2. Excellent piece, Claire. Good to see someone comparing election results; I notice that in the 1970 General Election the conservatives (who had 46.4% share of the vote) had a 3.4% lead over labour, and that was enough to enter the Common Market.

    *Some* of the 36% of 18-25 year olds who bothered to vote may very well whine that there future has been stolen by older people, but there is little evidence for this if the majority of that generation were indifferent. I too could say that I had this EU blight thrust upon me at an age when I could not vote.

    I just found this passage in Ashley Mote's 'Vigilance':
    'Edward Heath said, during the Common Market referendum, in 1975: "There is no question of any erosion of essential national sovereignty." When interviewed by the BBC in 1998 he was asked: "Did you know, when you took us into the common market, that it would lead to federalism?" His exact reply was: "Of course I bloody did!" - not the first time he had admitted lying.'

    (BTW do you think Mr Mote was stitched up recently?)