Monday, 21 September 2015

The Islamic Colonisation of Europe

The Islamic Colonisation of Europe

I just want to post a short blog here about something that is so obvious I am disgusted it is not being addressed by the mainstream media.

Unfortunately this seems to be running as one of those 'Secrets in Plain Sight' that the elites seem to like trying to get past us.  The thing is, when people's survival is at risk, deep alarm bells start going on inside their heads that make them question the conventional view of things that got them into that position in the first place.

I’ll just run through a few facts.

A flood of immigrants has been trying to enter Europe this year, the dominant number seeking to reach northern Europe.  These come from diverse groups, economic migrants, refugees and terrorists intermingled.

Chancellor Angela Merkel has taken the decision to open her country to 800,000 thousand of these migrants.  Estimates for the total expected number of migrants this year have been running at somewhere between around 500,000, so Chancellor Merkel is offering over and above what was even expected in numbers, for the whole of Europe.

This has led to an increase in the number of migrants setting off from Syria and Turkey and a new wave are now reported to be on their way.  Doubtless we can expect harrowing scenes of people trudging through the snow when the winter comes.

The vast majority of these migrants are clearly to be seen to be young men in all the videos I have seen.  While the media likes to pick juicy images of people with distressed expressions holding children to dangle before us on our screens, we should remember that only small numbers seem to fit this profile while the rest are young men.  Largely between the ages of 18 and 45 by the look of many of them, which happens to be the age of military service in most parts of the world. 

And while there are apparently small numbers of Christians in the swarm, it cannot be argued but that the migration is primarily of people belonging to the Islamic belief.  Indeed tales abound of Christians being thrown overboard from the crowded and unseaworthy vessels in which they seek to cross to Europe.

The wealthy Arab oil states have taken none of these refugee/migrants and pictures have been seen of thousands of unused air conditioned tents in Saudi Arabia, on the excuse that they would be a security risk.

Then we have what, for me, is the clincher.  While the migrants are considered a ‘security risk’ in the Gulf, apparently they are to be encouraged in Europe, and the Saudis have offered to build hundreds of new mosques for the new arrivals in Germany.

But events have got ahead of me.  I have just seen the Sky News report
that advice booklets are being produced and circulated to migrants by a group known as W2eu   

It would appear that ‘Welcome To Europe’ is a group which exists in a murky state of apparent legality because it is ‘only giving advice’ and ‘they will travel anyway’.  And so of course doubtless what they are doing slips through the cracks as such activities are doubtless intended to do when bodies such as the UN and the EU draft their laws and regulations on how to deal with situations that occur in the world.  I have just heard that they are a Soros backed group.  Well I never.

But they make claims that are misleading.  Freedom of movement is everybodies [sic] right!’

And so they expose themselves as part of the Open Borders, or rather ‘No Borders’ movement, which cannot be identified as other than International Communism.

This ‘Freedom of Movement’ meme is an assumption which has no limits.  Freedom to move where?  Have you the freedom to move in my house?  Do I have the same in yours?  Should enemies and criminals have the freedom to move in territories under our jurisdiction? 

And what about settlement?  Freedom of movement is one thing if it is as a tourist, a businessperson, a pilgrim.  But to settle?  Do a people from one land have the right to settle in lands where another group have had ancestral control of the territory for hundreds or even thousands of years?  Can I go and settle in an American Indian reservation please?  I like their customs and think it seems very romantic.  They may not like it, but hey, it’s my human rights to enjoy freedom of movement, right?

Oh, but they are a protected category, so they are safe.  Meanwhile, for some reason I haven’t been able to understand, Europe is the new land of opportunity for those who want to ‘build a new life’ despite it already being occupied by indigenous peoples for thousands of years.

Briefly, I dare say that this did start with a trickle of genuine refugees, but they will have found somewhere nearer to the start of their journey.  They have, since, clearly been outnumbered and replaced by the tens of thousands of young men of the age for military service.

Obviously word started getting round that Europe was not resisting, that people would be accepted if they could only get there and so the whole social movement of economic migrants got under way into which the jihadis and criminals could infiltrate themselves.  So now we have a conglomerate of some real refugees, a whole bunch of economic migrants who are mostly simply ruthless opportunists, and an unknown percentage of very dangerous muslim sleeper agents, criminals and general terrorists of unknown ilk. 

I was particularly interested in the analysis that Millennial Woes did of a video of migrants arriving in Germany, from the BBC, pointing out the body language and cues from members of the throng which did not seem congruent with what one might expect from refugees.  Drop into the following video from just about 37 minutes in and hear what MW has to say about it a chap smoking a cigarette and looking at his i-phone who glances with at best disinterest at the bunch of lefties cheering his arrival.

This is an excellent in depth video analysis of the whole situation which I can thoroughly recommend if you are just getting into realising how phenomenally serious this whole issue is.

We hear how these people want to ‘build a new life in Europe’.  That they are having babies while here.  Do we ever hear about how they long to return home when the war is over? 

At about 4.45 in this video we hear how a young couple have been in Berlin for a year and are expecting their second child.  So they conceived their second child whilst in Germany.

This is not a temporary stop over of genuine refugees, this is a full on colonisation force.  If you haven’t seen the demographic projections for Britain and Europe for the next two or three decades, then you need to.  The mob is arriving.

Merkel’s opening of the German borders to what amounts all comers was the starting gun for a last surge before winter.  And now she has shut them after a week.  Is this a bluff and a bargaining tactic, as some are saying, to guilt trip other European nations to do as she did?  Is it now not abundantly clear that to follow would be to invite a tsunami of humanity that would not cease.  Europe would be overrun, looted and burnt while the elites retreated behind their military, abandoning the indigenous inhabitants to the mercies of Allah.

It is a moment of pause.  Europe is at the crossroads.

Hungary is holding the line in the face of abuse and hostility from those who would sacrifice us to the horde.  Predictions of a ‘tsunamigration’ of tens of millions, uncounted numbers who would overrun us like in Jean Raspail’s ‘Camp of the Saints’, the 1973 novel which predicted pretty much this, a Europe inundated with the poor of the Third World, paralysed with indecision and unable to defend itself. 

And now apparently the Archbishop of Canterbury has invited a refugee family to stay at Lambeth Palace.  Stunts of this nature only make things worse.  They signal to the world that we will not resist, that we want to be invaded, that we are submitting.

Two principle ideologies are facing off.  International Communism vs. Freedom.  Islam is the modern incarnation of Communism, both have been responsible for hundreds of millions of deaths.

What is presently taking place is a psychological subversion of our mindset.  We have been tricked into acting on empathy alone and into abandoning reason.  I know too many good people who are more worried about being seen to be illiberal than they are about the future of our country, their country.  If you ask someone what they would feel about being the last European on their street, or their child being the last European child in their class, or even, simply, ‘How many should we take?’ too many are unable to even think about what is being asked.  But just look at the birthrates and the demographic projections.  Allowing in uncounted and undocumented millions from a religion that has spent the last fourteen hundred years trying to conquer Europe cannot be a scenario that ends well for Europeans.

One can only pray to whatever gods one honours that the survival response of our peoples will arise and sweep away the cowardice of those who have submitted to the invader without even resisting. 

 Things like this give me hope

Published on 10 Sep 2015
"Traitor, traitor!" „Zdrajczyni, zdrajczyni!" The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, was booed by the natives of the German city Heidenau, where she visited a camp for immigrants located in the city.
I have heard tales that in mosques they prepare for ‘when the time comes’.  And what would that ‘time’ be?  One has to  say that that time is when we must face reality, and if not yet now, is nonetheless, near, and we should soberly recognise that fact.

Friday, 4 September 2015

The Drowned Child and The Amygdala Hijack

The Drowned Child and The Amygdala Hijack

Have you ever wondered how the media manages to be so effective in manipulating people’s responses to news stories?  How do they manage to slant the stories in such a way as to get that knee-jerk reaction exactly the way they want it?

It is largely done by manipulating you with Neuro-Linguistic Programming in such a way that an automatic brain process takes over before you are able to make a considered rational decision.

The Amygdala is a rather primitive part of the limbic system in the mid brain which associates positive or negative affect to patterns of stimuli.

In evolutionary terms it was designed to give quick reactions to situations which normally wouldn’t allow time for rational consideration, fight or flight situations.  A primitive survival circuit which can kick in on a kind of instinctual over-ride.  Road rage is a modern example of it.

But it is also subject to reward and punishment from social stimuli.  Social approval or disapproval can be so strongly conditioned as to produce literally compulsive behaviour.

For instance, the native population of Europe has come to think of itself as ethical (whatever that might really mean) to such a degree over recent decades, with efforts like Live Aid or concern for climate change and fair trade with the Third World, and been encouraged to think that we are such good people for it that we have become afraid of being accused of not being totally altruistic and charitable.  We have become afraid of being accused of having our ‘White Privilege’ due to our dreadful crime of having had successful ancestors who thought up lots of cool stuff and invented the modern world, and for even considering that it might be our right to hold onto that world which they created for us and which we inherited to do even better things with.

So at the appearance of a dead child on every news outlet in the European world with the trope that this happened because of ‘YOUR’ racist anti-immigration policies and finger pointed at us, it is of course hard to resist that feeling that something must be done, and that this must involve us admitting some kind of guilt for this awful thing, and the wave of rising emotion which says ‘Let them all come, I can’t bear to see them suffer’ with no thought for any practical considerations, consequences or outcomes.

It is impossible to reason with someone still in the grip of the Amygdala Hijack, for this is what it is.  The emotional panic button of the Amygdala has been pressed and until the conditioned association between the stimulus and that button can be broken, cortical reasoning has been over-ridden, in an uncontrollable peace and love polar opposite counterpart to road rage.

Fortunately not everyone is universally susceptible, and some of us have learnt how to intervene to a degree in our own responses.

Probably the most important starting point is to recognise situations to which you are vulnerable and when you start having strong emotional reactions.

It can be a significant step in one’s personal growth to be able to discern and stand back from the weaponised information, barbed with guilt and poisoned with empathy and compassion which the media have just thrown at us.

Another useful step towards being resistant to the matrix mind programming is simply to not watch television or read mainstream news publications.  You can pick up headlines from your preferred sources online and compare them.

Whenever something like this happens it is an assault on the psyche of the peoples it is aimed at, and the herd will let themselves be herded, but there are always those who will not be herded.  They are those who recognise the attempted emotional trigger and have moved to a higher level of cognitive processing whereby the brain’s triage and gating systems are able to pick up the deception because of giveaway patterns and details.  Rather like a false flag event in many ways, as it is presenting events in such a way as to get a certain response, rather than in an open ended investigative manner.

If you feel an emotional knee-jerk coming on about something you saw or read, or someone said to you, or with the guy in the car which just overtook you, take a moment and step out of the situation in your mind.  It will begin the process of decoupling you from what is almost an addiction to emotional responses which has been programmed into our collective mindset, exploiting ancient brain structures and using them against us.

There are many things that, like this, can raise your level of functioning and make you more effective in realising your goals in life.  We’ve all seen movies where one ninja defeats an army pitched against him.  We may not be able to take on an army alone, but the metaphor is that the higher level of perception and cognitive function then one can at least defend oneself from the emotional triggers that are one’s own vulnerabilities.

It is a vital evolutionary function to be able to see through and outwit the psi-operations set against us and expose them to others.  I would suggest that the level of co-ordination for this drowned child story was quite extensive.  They will have been waiting for something like this and pounced on it the moment it came up.  And presumably the intention was to trigger everyone’s amygdalas so that ration discourse on the subject of migrants, refugees, infiltrators, call them what you will, was to become impossible, just a few days before the special European summit on the issues of migrants and refugees.  Convenient timing, one has to observe.

Fortunately a few of the usual suspects such as Richard Littlejohn have obviously seen such patterns before, and commenters on a variety of news threads have followed his example.  And now it transpires that the father who lost his son had been in a stable position in Turkey for some time but risked everything with the dangerous attempted boat crossing that went wrong.  Europe is being blamed for his error of judgement, and our borders are to be opened, one assumes, to assuage our guilt at having allowed this to happen.

If we are truly to move forward, evolve and develop, then it must be in a direction of responsibility, for both sides, not with one as victim and the other as self sacrificing saviour.  I hate to say it, but the father in this instance had stopped behaving responsibly, and he paid for his gamble with his son's life.  Just blaming us for his actions will neither bring his son back, not do anything to help him deal with his situation.

The war of words, in which those who don’t comply with allowing their amygdalas to hijack their frontal cortex and its powers of reason are called ‘racists’ and ‘cruel’, will now proceed, but those who have disconnected from their conditioning are no longer affected by it.  They no longer fear what is behind the weaponised words, and so they no longer feel the fight or flight response when these attacks are made.

As each weaponised psi-attack is made, the psychic immunity to the infiltration of such thought and emotional viruses into our minds increases, to the point where there is almost instant recognition that we are being played, that we are being given narratives that are slanted against us, and that this is predatory.

A good thing about the amygdala is that the deeper and more ancient survival levels are still there beneath all the social programming that has tried to overlay it.  I’m particularly interested in what one might call the ‘Zhen Ren’ moment, that moment of absolute clarity about oneself that we should all seek.  Just as Duncan Idaho, in Dune Messiah, awoke from his amnesia to the memory of his true identity when he was faced with am impossible conflict between his new conditioning to kill and his deeper, more firmly rooted love for Paul Muad’dib.  Identity, loyalty, clan.  Survival.

And he awoke to the true awareness of who he was.

A diamond is created only under the most extreme conditions of heat and pressure.  So it is with the ‘Diamond Body’ of the Master.  Surviving intensity so that their inner being is fused into irreducible firmness and clarity which cannot be lost or degraded.

That is what we are seeking in ourselves, for with it we shall be resistant to all propaganda and lying attempts to control our thoughts and reactions, real psychic immunity; and the signs are that we are starting to develop this immunity, this perception, this recognition.  When it then becomes commonplace the landslide will commence.