Friday, 25 November 2016

Brexit Letter To My MP

Brexit Must Mean Brexit!

The current furore created by the globalist shills trying to usurp the mandated will of the people of the UK has caused me to get in touch with my MP, Rachel Reeves, concerning this matter.

She is ostensibly one of those Labour MPs willing to respect our mandate but with so many traitors within their ranks needs to have her feet held to the fire.

I would urge you to also write and speak to your MP about this matter, make them realise the constitutional and moral gravity of what the theft of the will of the majority would mean for the future of our great nation.  A future based on dictatorship and tyranny.

Please by all means copy sections or as much as you find helpful in lobbying your MP to do the right thing and accept that we must leave the EU, as mandated.

Here's the email I just wrote.

Dear Ms Reeves.

I am writing as a constituent to request to see you at one of your surgeries when that might be available.

I read some of your comments after the Labour Party conference which gave me confidence that you were prepared and willing to support the decision of the people on the Referendum result.

However, recently, with the legal case which is threatening the implementation of the will of the British people, I have become very concerned that certain interests are seeking to block the largest mandate of the British people ever made.

I wish to explain to you my view that for these interests to manipulate the law to overrule the will of the people, or for Parliament itself to do so would endanger our entire national being and constitutional legitimacy.  For such interests to seek to do so is to stand on the brink of the abyss of tyranny, and should they succeed in thwarting Leviathan, the conflict which would be released, both parties knowing that the rightful path had been usurped would lead to a constitutional crisis of a like not known since the 1640s.

King Charles abrogated the power of the Commons and precipitated the Civil War upon England.  If, in this present circumstance Parliament were to abrogate the decision of a direct Referendum of the People, then such a crisis would again be upon us.

We, those who voted to Leave the EU and whose number, some 17.4 million exceeded the Remain vote by a million and a quarter or so, would not accept the constitutional legitimacy of an outcome that contradicted this.  The rancour and resentment this would raise would inevitably lead to chaotic and unpredictable events arising in the future, and who can say that we would not experience a second Civil War in our nation?

I cannot emphasise strongly enough the moral peril into which these misleaders seek to take us.  It would be enough, but now I see that Tony Blair, architect of the Iraq War himself, is pressing forward of overturning the Will of our People.  And I read some politicians saying that this is 'too important a decision to allow the people to make' or that we are in a post democratic age.  This is not acceptable.  We must be clear that this is dictatorship and tyranny, in their clearest literal meanings.

I look forward to speaking with you in person and I urge you in the strongest terms possible to seek to convince your party to accept the nation's verdict.  It is utterly unacceptable and hypocritical for a party that claims to represent the common person to seek to overturn a firm majority mandate of this nature.


Kind regards,